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April 13th 2016


3rd Annual 


The ‘one of its kind’ 3rd Annual Destination wedding planners Congress 2016, is the perfect platform for the crème de la crème of destination wedding planers from across the globe to meet over sixty exclusive suppliers of extravagant venues & hotels, luxury brands, wedding service partners, artists and designers from all over the world. The attendees of the congress are cherry picked literally from the four corners of the world to ensure they represent the best of the best of their country on a global scale and proudly wave their flag at this fantastic amalgamation for connoisseurs of the destination wedding planning industry.

A strictly 'by-invitation' exclusive event, the Congress will be attended by 120 Top Notch, A-list wedding planners from all over the world. This spectacular congress is set to turn heads & raise eyebrows as the high end destination wedding planners - the ‘elite’ are coming together under one platform to learn, discuss & fraternize and share experiences.



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